Epileptic 2390

Razosebljenje F40 sculptured by Rybitwa



“You see, don Juan, you and I are differently oriented. Suppose, for the sake of argument, one of my fellow students had been here with me when I took the devil’s weed. Would he have been able to see me flying?”
“There you go again with your questions about what would happen if… It is useless to talk that way. If your friend, or anybody else, takes the second portion of the weed all he can do is fly. Now, if he had simply watched you, he might have seen you flying, or he might not. That depends on the man.”
“But what I mean, don Juan, is that if you and I look at a bird and see it fly, we agree that it is flying. But if two of my friends had seen me flying as I did last night, would they have agreed that I was flying?”

“Well, they might have. You agree that birds fly because you have seen them flying. Flying is a common thing with birds. But you will not agree on other things birds do, because you have never seen birds doing them. If your friends knew about men flying with the devil’s weed, then they would agree.”

“Let’s put it another way, don Juan. What I meant to say is that if I had tied myself to a rock with a heavy chain I would have flown just the same, because my body had nothing to do with my flying.” Don Juan looked at me incredulously.

“If you tie yourself to a rock,” he said, “I’m afraid you will have to fly holding the rock with its heavy chain.”

(The Teachings of Don Juan)


Rybitwa (Tomasz) is a storyteller from the deepest forest in Poland.



Formaviva: electronic music platform.
Inspiration: 2390, Sculpturing: Kundi


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