Epileptic 2390

Spoznanja F038 sculptured by Marco Madia



Jaz vidim tvojo pot,
o delavec,
ko zlati žarek
te tiho poboža
na poti v tovarno.
Ti pa umakneš oči.

Cementna tovarna
pod goro zeleno
se že kadi.
Sveži splavo gorskih studencev
s pobočij šumijo,
tihi vetrovi lica hladijo —
a ti:
stopaš čez prazna dvorišča
med dimnike sive,
kjer sonce pekoče
za strtimi okni gori —
sonce električnih luči.

Zunaj slapovi,
pomladni vetrovi,
svobodni vrhovi —
vse zeleni.
Ti pa umakneš oči.

Srečko Kosovel

Marco Madia

Marco Madia was born in Milan and spent the greater part of his teen years playing in the local underground scene and making music. In 2006 he moved to Berlin, where he got a degree in audio engineering and started working as a sound designer. His taste in deep music combined with uniquely flexible and remarkable production skills got us attracted to his style. With his ability to produce almost any kind of gourmet genre (anything between movie soundtracks, ambient music, deep electronic or even music for exhibitions), Marco makes us think of him as a kind of underground, fresh and more up-to-date Trentemoller.
The mix he recorded for Formaviva consists exclusively of his own productions and we’re especially honored since its his first of this kind.



Formaviva: electronic music platform.
Inspiration: 2390, Sculpturing: Kundi


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